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Help your children to get on in school

Children who go online for learning at home, achieve more in school. And with a computer and the internet at home, everyone in the family has the chance to learn more. It’s easier and more fun with a computer and the internet!

Children who use the internet at home for learning achieve more

Studies show they:
• improve outcomes in maths and reading tests
• are more interested in their studies
• have more fun learning.
They can go over schoolwork from home, do homework online, contact classmates and teachers, get information and work together on projects. And show you too!

Learn what the internet can do for you

With the internet at home, the whole family can:
• find out about things that matter to them
• learn new skills while accessing the internet.
Get on in life when you go online:
• Get information 24/7: find the information you want, whenever you want.
• Save yourself time: visiting a website is quicker than going into town.
• Improve your chances: it’s a great chance to develop your IT skills for jobs.
• Save money: internet-only deals, online offers and savings all add up.

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