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*** The helpline to request an application form for a Home Access package with Assistive Technology has now closed and new applications are no longer being distributed. If you have an application form already you must return it with all requested evidence before the 26 November 2010 in order to be considered for a Home Access package with Assistive Technology.***

The main Home Access programme has been a runaway success. More than 250,000 families have already benefitted from Home Access Grants, which are now no longer available.

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"I can't thank our stakeholders enough for making the Home Access programme such a success. Without your invaluable support we wouldn't have achieved our ambition to ensure more young people reap the benefits of having access to the internet at home to improve their learning.

"Today, more than 250,000 children and their families now have the same opportunities as their peers, and it's Becta's vision that they now go on to achieve their aspirations as a result of the programme.

"The distribution of Home Access packages with Assistive Technology is ongoing. These aim to provide bespoke packages for up to 12,000 children with profound disabilities or special educational needs. This unique provision will go a long way to help ensure that every child, regardless of the challenges they face can make the most of technology and access to the internet to support their learning at home."

Stephen Crowne

Chief Executive - Becta*

* Becta manages the Home Access programme on behalf of the Government