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Home Access packages with Assistive Technology provide short, medium and long-term educational benefits for learners with profound physical disabilities or special educational needs.


Short-term benefits:

  • Be creative with technology, learning and exploring the world around them in a controlled environment outside the classroom.
  • Collaborate with their school friends in a secure environment.
  • Spend quality time with their family, working together, learning together and playing together.

Medium-term benefits:

  • Access technology at home, which enhances motivation, increases concentration and improves interaction, building relationships with others in ways they couldn’t before.
  • Break down barriers to disability and special educational needs, learning social and communication skills.
  • Reduce the sense of isolation that many learners with special educational needs  and their carers experience through accessing support and information resources online.

Long-term benefits:

  • Have access to ICT at home to gain essential IT skills, something that’s increasingly important considering that 90 per cent of all new jobs require IT skills.
  • Easily find and access a wealth of government, local authority and other support services via the internet, improving independence and enhancing inclusion.
  • Develop their motor and cognitive skills through using special switch-access technology and specially developed online resources.