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Home Access is the new government programme that will help ensure that more children in state-maintained education in England have access to technology at home to support learning. There is a wealth of evidence showing that Home Access can help children:

  • achieve more and do better at school or college
  • become more engaged and motivated in their learning.

Home Access can also help parents develop their own skills, make it easier and more fun to become involved in their children’s education. They can also benefit from accessing public services online.

The Home Access programme started its phased rollout across England from December 2009 targeting learners in school years 3 to 9 inclusive. The programme and related activity will benefit over 270,000 households by March 2011.

Grants are limited and available on a first-come first-served basis and are aimed at those who need it most.

“I was amazed and delighted when I received a letter from the school saying that we may qualify for this scheme. My son tries and works hard but at home he only has me and my old books for help. Having a computer would be a huge step forward for Brooklyn as he wants to go on to college. Despite my best efforts I could not afford this equipment in Brook’s educational lifetime and he deserves a chance.”
Parent, Home Access pilot