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A critical element of the programme is what happens after families have received their packages to help them to fully realise the benefits of Home Access.

To ensure that families are equipped to make the most of their package, Home Access is working with government, local authorities, schools, the third sector and other key stakeholders to ensure both learners and parents are provided with both the guidance and support that they need.

This includes:

  • educational guidance and tutorials provided with every package, both in the box and through a suite of pre-installed applications, including the Know IT All safety guide for parents
  • a dedicated Home Access website set as the home page on every computer. This website provides support on how to make the most out of using the internet and includes with links to online resources, such as BBC Bitesize, myguide, DirectGov and Becta’s Next Generation Learning campaign. Families can also access the new Family Information Directory to keep up-to-date with what’s happening in their local area
  • a bi-monthly Home Access newsletter and direct mail from approved suppliers to keep families engaged and promote ideas on how to get the most out of their package
  • working with local authorities, national agencies and providers such as QCA, NCSL, TDA and UK online centres to embed Home Access into their work and provide parental support
  • technical support provided by approved suppliers if required. Under aggregation schemes this will be directed via the local authority or school
  • familiarisation training for those learners who are provided with additional Assistive Technology
  • advice and support for maintaining connectivity at the end of the free period.