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Using your grant: things you need to know


Important information: read before you buy.


*** Please note, if you have applied for a Home Access package with Assistive Technology you will not receive a Home Access Grant Card. A specialist evaluator will contact the parent, guardian or foster carer to discuss the most suitable Assistive Technology, and once agreed, the equipment will be delivered direct to the family’s door and installed. ***

Before you use your Home Access Grant Card to buy your new computer and internet package please make sure you read the important information below.

We hope you enjoy getting and using your Home Access package and getting on with supporting your family’s learning.



Using your grant: things you need to know

  • Picking the right package: shopping around

    You can only use your grant to buy Home Access computer and internet packages which are backed by the government. Find out more about the packages, shopping around and ‘topping up’.

  • So how much do I have to spend?

    All Home Access Grants are ‘up to’ a set amount and you can only use them to buy certain packages.

  • Getting on the internet

    Mobile internet means you can get on the internet from lots of different places or if you don’t have a fixed phone.