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Good places to go online

Stuck for ideas on where to go online? Why not check out some of these great, and really useful, websites to get you started. The more you surf the internet, the more you’ll improve your IT skills.


Directgov for Parents

This website provides lots of information on public services, such as finding a school for your child, claiming benefits, your rights at work and applying for a driving licence. You can even find information on how to support your child with their learning. There is a whole section on using computers and the internet.



Children can find out more about people and places within their local community. And to keep them entertained there are lots of activities and games for them to do!



Want to improve your IT skills from the comfort of your home? You can access all the UK online centres’ simple-to-use courses for free through this website. All courses are designed to help you learn about computers and the internet, from banking online to downloading pictures from your camera.


NHS Choices

This website is designed to help you make choices about your health and lifestyle. You can find information on a number of conditions and treatments from top doctors and patients as well as find your local health service.


BBC raw

This website offers help and advice on how to develop your skills for everyday life. There are many topics for you to choose from, including tutorials on developing your basic computer skills and making the most of your money.


The British Museum

Can’t get to a museum? Well it can come to you! Here you’ll find online tours of what’s on display at the British Museum. From Egyptian mummies to Anglo-Saxon England, there’s lots of information, pictures and activities. Your children can learn how to make a mummy or play ancient games.